Warning Codes

For every user verification, we run a series of validations. One or more warnings may be generated if the validation fails to pass.

Document and OCR Warnings

Warning CodeDescriptionDecision
DOCUMENT_NOT_FOUNDDocument is not found in the uploaded image.DECLINED
DOCUMENT_FRONT_BACK_MISMATCHDocument front and back does not belong to same person.REVIEW
DOCUMENT_DAMAGEDThe document is damaged.REVIEW
DOCUMENT_FRONT_MISSINGDocument front not detected in the document image.DECLINED
DOCUMENT_BACK_MISSINGDocument back not detected in the document image.DECLINED
DOCUMENT_CROPPEDDocument not fully in frame / cropped.REVIEW
DOCUMENT_FACE_NOT_FOUNDCould not detect face in document image.REVIEW
AGE_UNDER_18User is under 18 years old.REVIEW
INVALID_DOCUMENT_DETAILSDocument data is invalid or not as per the standards.REVIEW
ID_PREVIOUSLY_SEENThe given identity document/number has been previously verified.APPROVED
DATABASE_LOOKUP_ISSUEThe data could not be verified with a third-party/government database.REVIEW

Document - Missing Fields

Warning CodeDescriptionDecision
MISSING_EXPIRY_DATEDocument expiry date is missing or cannot be read.REVIEW
MISSING_ISSUE_DATEDocument issue date is missing or cannot be read.REVIEW
MISSING_BIRTH_DATEBirthday information is missing or cannot be read.APPROVED
MISSING_DOCUMENT_NUMBERDocument number is missing or cannot be read.REVIEW
MISSING_PERSONAL_NUMBERPersonal number or national ID number is missing or cannot be read.APPROVED
MISSING_ADDRESSAddress is missing or cannot be read.APPROVED
MISSING_POSTCODEPostcode is missing or cannot be read.APPROVED
MISSING_NAMEGiven name or family name is missing or cannot be read.REVIEW
MISSING_GENDERGender is missing or cannot be read.APPROVED
MISSING_NATIONALITYNationality is missing or cannot be read.APPROVED
MISSING_DOCUMENT_DETAILSDocument data is missing or cannot be read.APPROVED

Document - Mismatch between supplied fields and extracted/lookup data.

Warning CodeDescriptionDecision
NAME_VERIFICATION_FAILEDMismatch between supplied user name and extracted/looked up name.APPROVED
BIRTH_DATE_MISMATCHMismatch between supplied birthday and extracted/looked up birthday.APPROVED
ID_DATA_MISMATCHMismatch between supplied user data and data from third-party/government database.APPROVED
ID_TYPE_MISMATCHThe ID type does not match with the input identity type.APPROVED
ID_COUNTRY_MISMATCHThe ID issue country does not match with the input country.DECLINED
ADDRESS_MISMATCHMismatch between supplied address and extracted/looked up address.APPROVED

Document Anti-forgery Warnings.

Warning CodeDescriptionDecision
DOCUMENT_PHOTO_OF_PHOTODocument appears to be a photo of a photo.REVIEW
SCREEN_DETECTEDThe document image contains a screen, monitor or mobile device therefore is possibly a photo of a photo.REVIEW
IMAGE_FORGED_EDITEDThe document image possibly contains forged elements which warrants a manual review or rejection.REVIEW
FEATURE_VERIFICATION_FAILEDDocument features does not match with official document, the document could be fake, blurry or low resolution.REVIEW
FAKE_IDThe document uploaded is a fake or sample document, not an authentic document.REVIEW
DOCUMENT_FOUND_ON_INTERNETThe document image is found on the internet.REVIEW
ARTIFICIAL_IMAGEDocument appears to be created artificially, not a naturally taken photo.REVIEW
ARTIFICIAL_TEXTMost texts within the image appears to be created artificially.REVIEW
TEXT_FORGERYPossible artificial text modification detected.REVIEW
IMAGE_TOO_SMALLThe image resolution did not meet the standards.REVIEW
GLARE_DETECTEDThe document image contains possible glare.REVIEW
IMAGE_TOO_BLURRYThe document image is blurry.REVIEW
CHECK_DIGIT_FAILEDThe document is not a valid document because it contains invalid check digit.REVIEW
PRINTOUT_DETECTEDThe document image is a print out / photocopy of the original.REVIEW
BLACK_WHITE_DOCUMENTThe document appears to be black & white photocopy.REVIEW

Biometric Warnings

Warning CodeDescriptionDecision
FACE_NOT_FOUNDCould not detect face in selfie image.DECLINED
MULTIPLE_FACESMultiple faces detected in selfie image.DECLINED
FACE_MISMATCHFace mismatch between document/government photo and selfie photo.DECLINED
LOW_FACE_SIMILARITYLow face similarity between document/government photo and selfie photo.REVIEW
FACE_IDENTICALSelfie photo appears to be the exact same photo as document photo.REVIEW
FACE_NOT_LIVESelfie photo is not live.DECLINED
FACE_PHOTO_OF_PHOTOSelfie photo appears to be a photo of a photo.DECLINED
FACE_COVEREDSelfie photo appears to have hat or mask or glasses.DECLINED
FACE_EDITEDSelfie photo edited using filters.DECLINED
FACE_BLURSelfie photo is too blurry and should be retaken for improved accuracy.DECLINED
FACE_TOO_CLOSESelfie photo is too close to the camera.DECLINED
FACE_CROPPEDSelfie photo cropped / not completely visible.DECLINED
FACE_TOO_SMALLThe relative proportion of face size in the image is too low.DECLINED
FACE_ANGLE_TOO_LARGEFacial out-of-plane rotation angle is extremely large.DECLINED
FACE_LIVENESS_REVIEW_REQUIREDSelfie photo liveness manual review required.REVIEW

ID Number Warnings

Warning CodeDescriptionDecision
ID_NUMBER_NOT_VERIFIEDThe given identity number could not be verified against a database.DECLINED
INVALID_ID_NUMBER_SUPPLIEDThe given identity number is not in correct format.DECLINED
LOOKUP_SOURCE_DOWNThe government/third-party lookup source is not available.DECLINED
LOOKUP_FACE_NOT_FOUNDCould not find face image in government/third-party database.DECLINED

AML/PEP Warnings

Warning CodeDescriptionDecision
AML_MATCHPotential match from AML database.REVIEW
API_DATA_REQUIREMENTS_NOT_METMissing required fields to run the API.DECLINED

IP Warnings

Warning CodeDescriptionDecision
IP_ADDRESS_SUSPICIOUSClient request originated from a suspicious IP address.REVIEW

User Behaviour

Warning CodeDescriptionDecision
SUSPICIOUS_USER_BEHAVIOURDetected suspicious user behaviour.REVIEW

Custom Error Code

Warning CodeDescriptionDecision
CUSTOM_ERROR_CODEIn this case, a custom error message is returned explaining more details about the warning. This is used in case a warning happened which is not one of the above.REVIEW