Warning Codes

For every user verification, we run a series of validations. One or more warnings may be generated if the validation fails to pass.

Document and OCR Warnings

Warning CodeDescriptionDecision
DOCUMENT_NOT_FOUNDDocument is not found in the uploaded image.DECLINED
DOCUMENT_FRONT_BACK_MISMATCHDocument front and back does not belong to same person.REVIEW
DOCUMENT_DAMAGEDThe document is damaged.REVIEW
DOCUMENT_FRONT_MISSINGDocument front not detected in the document image.DECLINED
DOCUMENT_BACK_MISSINGDocument back not detected in the document image.DECLINED
DOCUMENT_CROPPEDDocument not fully in frame / cropped.REVIEW
DOCUMENT_FACE_NOT_FOUNDCould not detect face in document image.REVIEW
DOCUMENT_TOO_FARThe document is too far from the camera.APPROVED
DOCUMENT_TAMPEREDDocument patterns hint at tampering or recreation. (only applicable to PDFs)REVIEW
AGE_UNDER_18User is under 18 years old.REVIEW
INVALID_DOCUMENT_DETAILSDocument data is invalid or not as per the standards.REVIEW
ID_PREVIOUSLY_SEENThe given identity document/number has been previously verified.APPROVED
DATABASE_LOOKUP_ISSUEThe data could not be verified with a third-party/government database.REVIEW

Document - Missing Fields

Warning CodeDescriptionDecision
MISSING_EXPIRY_DATEDocument expiry date is missing or cannot be read.REVIEW
MISSING_ISSUE_DATEDocument issue date is missing or cannot be read.REVIEW
MISSING_BIRTH_DATEBirthday information is missing or cannot be read.APPROVED
MISSING_DOCUMENT_NUMBERDocument number is missing or cannot be read.REVIEW
MISSING_PERSONAL_NUMBERPersonal number or national ID number is missing or cannot be read.APPROVED
MISSING_ADDRESSAddress is missing or cannot be read.APPROVED
MISSING_POSTCODEPostcode is missing or cannot be read.APPROVED
MISSING_NAMEGiven name or family name is missing or cannot be read.REVIEW
MISSING_GENDERGender is missing or cannot be read.APPROVED
MISSING_NATIONALITYNationality is missing or cannot be read.APPROVED
MISSING_DOCUMENT_DETAILSDocument data is missing or cannot be read.APPROVED

Document - Mismatch between supplied fields and extracted/lookup data.

Warning CodeDescriptionDecision
NAME_VERIFICATION_FAILEDMismatch between supplied user name and extracted/looked up name.APPROVED
BIRTH_DATE_MISMATCHMismatch between supplied birthday and extracted/looked up birthday.APPROVED
ID_DATA_MISMATCHMismatch between supplied user data and data from third-party/government database.APPROVED
ID_TYPE_MISMATCHThe ID type does not match with the input identity type.APPROVED
ID_COUNTRY_MISMATCHThe ID issue country does not match with the input country.DECLINED
ADDRESS_MISMATCHMismatch between supplied address and extracted/looked up address.APPROVED
ID_NOT_ALLOWEDIdentity type is not enabled in the template.APPROVED

Document Anti-forgery Warnings.

Warning CodeDescriptionDecision
DOCUMENT_PHOTO_OF_PHOTODocument appears to be a photo of a photo.REVIEW
SCREEN_DETECTEDThe document image contains a screen, monitor or mobile device therefore is possibly a photo of a photo.REVIEW
IMAGE_FORGED_EDITEDThe document image possibly contains forged elements which warrants a manual review or rejection.REVIEW
FEATURE_VERIFICATION_FAILEDDocument features does not match with official document, the document could be fake, blurry or low resolution.REVIEW
FAKE_IDThe document uploaded is a fake or sample document, not an authentic document.REVIEW
DOCUMENT_FOUND_ON_INTERNETThe document image is found on the internet.REVIEW
ARTIFICIAL_IMAGEDocument appears to be created artificially, not a naturally taken photo.REVIEW
ARTIFICIAL_TEXTMost texts within the image appears to be created artificially.REVIEW
TEXT_FORGERYPossible artificial text modification detected.REVIEW
IMAGE_TOO_SMALLThe image resolution did not meet the standards.REVIEW
GLARE_DETECTEDThe document image contains possible glare.REVIEW
IMAGE_TOO_BLURRYThe document image is blurry.REVIEW
CHECK_DIGIT_FAILEDThe document is not a valid document because it contains invalid check digit.REVIEW
PRINTOUT_DETECTEDThe document image is a print out / photocopy of the original.REVIEW
BLACK_WHITE_DOCUMENTThe document appears to be black & white photocopy.REVIEW

Biometric Warnings

Warning CodeDescriptionDecision
FACE_NOT_FOUNDCould not detect face in selfie image.DECLINED
MULTIPLE_FACESMultiple faces detected in selfie image.DECLINED
FACE_MISMATCHFace mismatch between document/government photo and selfie photo.DECLINED
LOW_FACE_SIMILARITYLow face similarity between document/government photo and selfie photo.REVIEW
FACE_IDENTICALSelfie photo appears to be the exact same photo as document photo.REVIEW
FACE_NOT_LIVESelfie photo is not live.DECLINED
FACE_PHOTO_OF_PHOTOSelfie photo appears to be a photo of a photo.DECLINED
FACE_COVEREDSelfie photo appears to have hat or mask or glasses.DECLINED
FACE_EDITEDSelfie photo edited using filters.DECLINED
FACE_BLURSelfie photo is too blurry and should be retaken for improved accuracy.DECLINED
FACE_TOO_CLOSESelfie photo is too close to the camera.DECLINED
FACE_CROPPEDSelfie photo cropped / not completely visible.DECLINED
FACE_TOO_SMALLThe relative proportion of face size in the image is too low.DECLINED
FACE_ANGLE_TOO_LARGEFacial out-of-plane rotation angle is extremely large.DECLINED
FACE_LIVENESS_REVIEW_REQUIREDSelfie photo liveness manual review required.REVIEW
FACE_DEEPFAKESelfie photo appears to be a deepfakeREVIEW

ID Number Warnings

Warning CodeDescriptionDecision
ID_NUMBER_NOT_VERIFIEDThe given identity number could not be verified against a database.DECLINED
INVALID_ID_NUMBER_SUPPLIEDThe given identity number is not in correct format.DECLINED
LOOKUP_SOURCE_DOWNThe government/third-party lookup source is not available.DECLINED
LOOKUP_FACE_NOT_FOUNDCould not find face image in government/third-party database.DECLINED

AML/PEP Warnings

Warning CodeDescriptionDecision
AML_MATCHPotential match from AML database.REVIEW
API_DATA_REQUIREMENTS_NOT_METMissing required fields to run the API.DECLINED

IP Warnings

Warning CodeDescriptionDecision
IP_ADDRESS_SUSPICIOUSClient request originated from a suspicious IP address.REVIEW

User Behaviour

Warning CodeDescriptionDecision
SUSPICIOUS_USER_BEHAVIOURThis warning code is used for various kinds of suspicious behaviours: The ID issue country does not match with the geolocation country of user. or User is using TOR or on the TOR network. or User using VPN. or User using BOTs to complete the request. or Can't get geolocation of user, privacy settings blocked the request. or Detected suspicious user behaviour.REVIEW

Custom Error Code

Warning CodeDescriptionDecision
CUSTOM_ERROR_CODEIn this case, a custom error message is returned explaining more details about the warning. This is used in case a warning happened which is not one of the above.REVIEW