Business Profile Decision Callback

When decisions occur on the Business Profile, AiPrise sends a callback (a POST request) to the set callback_url.

There are two ways to set the callback_url:

  1. Set the callback_url at the template level. This can be set from the Dashboard > View Templates > {TemplateID}.
  2. Set the callback_url URL with each create business profile request using the parameter callback_url.



In case callback_url is set in the create business profile request, it will take precedence over the one set at the template level.


business_profile_idThe ID associated with this business profilePresent
business_profile_resultThe final decision for the business profile i.e APPROVED, DECLINED, REVIEWPresent
statusThe run status of the verification.Present
status_reasonsIf for some reason, the verification failed, this populates the reasons.Optional
business_infoContains all the information extracted about the businessOptional
registration_infoContains information about the registry record of the businessOptional
related_personsContains information about the directors & other officers of the company.Optional
related_companiesContains information about the subsidiaries & other related businesses.Optional
aml_infoContains AML checks of the business.Optional
website_infoContains information & insights scraped from their website.Optional
eventsContains information about significant changes in the stakeholders/registration of the company.Optional
lookup_infoContains information about any government / public registry lookup performed.Optional
client_reference_idAn ID you have associated with your verification request.Present