For every verification, AiPrise runs a series of third-party APIs to do KYC, KYB, AML, fraud detection, data enrichment etc. This series of steps is called a workflow. You can find all workflows associated with your account in your dashboard.


A template contains all the settings to run a workflow. You can find all templates associated with your account in your dashboard.

Template settings can be found at:<your_template_id>. Using Template settings you update the following:

  1. Template Name
  2. Template Description
  3. SDK theme color

To run any verification with AiPrise, you would need a template id which is a UUID. An example template ID looks like this: b7226ad2-9f9b-4ac6-a212-a443235065e9

Verification Session

A verification_session_id is automatically created by AiPrise for every verification - user or business. It is a UUID (e.g. abad16a2-9c7d-4425-af8b-93f2d1d798fe). You can fetch all information about a verification session including user input data, verification result, templates associated with the verification etc using this id.

When using AiPrise SDK, a verification_session_id is only valid for 24 hours. After that, users will not be able to send any data using our SDK and you will have to create a new verification session.