User Verification Result (Old)

A sample verification result JSON object looks like below

  "aiprise_summary": {
    "notes": ["note"],
    "reasons": [
      "Result fetched from Smile Identity API Response.",
      "Result fetched from MyIdentityPass API Response.",
    "tags": ["tag"],
    "verification_result": "APPROVED"
  "api_responses": {
      "api_result_notes": [],
      "api_result_status": "APPROVED",
      "api_result_status_reason": ["Result fetched from Smile Identity API Response."],
      "raw_api_response": {
        "job_complete": true,
        "job_success": false,
        "result": {
          "Actions": {
            "Human_Review_Compare": "Not Applicable",
            "Human_Review_Liveness_Check": "Not Applicable",
            "Human_Review_Update_Selfie": "Not Applicable",
            "Liveness_Check": "Failed",
            "Register_Selfie": "Rejected",
            "Return_Personal_Info": "Returned",
            "Selfie_Provided": "Passed",
            "Selfie_To_ID_Authority_Compare": "Completed",
            "Selfie_To_ID_Card_Compare": "Not Applicable",
            "Selfie_To_Registered_Selfie_Compare": "Not Applicable",
            "Update_Registered_Selfie_On_File": "Not Applicable",
            "Verify_ID_Number": "Verified"
          "ConfidenceValue": "0.000000",
          "Source": "WebAPI"
      "api_result_notes": [],
      "api_result_status": "APPROVED",
      "api_result_status_reason": ["Result fetched from MyIdentityPass API Response."],
      "raw_api_response": {
        "data": {
          "dob": "1980-01-01",
          "expiry_date": "2026-06-03",
          "first_name": "John",
          "gender": "Male",
          "issued_at": "ALAUSA, LAGOS",
          "issued_date": "2021-06-04",
          "last_name": "Test",
          "middle_name": "",
          "mobile": "08012345678",
          "number": "A00400000",
          "photo": "/9j/4AAQSkZJRgABAQAAAQABAAD/"
        "detail": "Verification Successfull",
        "response_code": "00",
        "status": true
  "client_reference_id": null,
  "created_at": 1667710653812,
  "template_id": "rtkd45rj-a9ec-4556-923c-bdf1c423329a",
  "verification_session_id": "tkre34rt-1e9a-4db3-923c-6e1ab12c01c3"

The verification result JSON object has the following information

aiprise_summaryA summary of response. Contains the final Response. More details below
api_responsesA JSON object containing details about each API run for this verification session. More details below.
client_reference_idAn id you have associated with your verification request.
created_atCreation time of the verification session.

Stored as Unix timestamp in milliseconds.
template_idThe template ID against which verification was run.
verification_session_idVerification Session ID (unique to every verification session).


A verification session runs a workflow. A workflow can have multiple APIs inside of it e.g. KYC, AML, Email intelligence etc. This summary object contains the final result and any reason strings associated with the result.
Every aiprise_summary object has the following information: tags, notes, reasons and verification_result.


A list of tags attached to the verification session. Usually empty.


A list of notes attached to the verification session. Usually empty.


A list of reasons attached to the verification session. Each individual API run in this verification session as part of the workflow adds reasons which are then aggregated and stored in this reasons.


This is the overall result of this verification session. It can be one of the following:

APPROVEDThe verification ran successfully and the user is verified.
DECLINEDThe verification ran successfully and the user is not verified.
PENDINGThe verification is still running. Use "Get user verification result" to poll the results.
FAILEDThe verification did not run and failed due to one of the APIs in the workflow failed.
REVIEWThe verification ran successfully but the user could not be auto verified. This needs manual review.
NOT_STARTEDThe verification session is created but the workflow has not started yet. This only happens when AiPrise onboarding UX is used to collect the data.
COMPLETEDThe verification ran successfully and is now completed.


A JSON object containing all the individual APIs run as part of the verification session. In the above sample, 2 APIs are run:


For each API run, the following data is included:

raw_api_responseThe Raw API response returned from the API.
aiprise_error_messageIf the API returns an error, the reason is mentioned here. The full error response from the API is still in raw_api_response
api_result_statusOne of the following
APPROVED : The API has approved the user.
DECLINED : The API has declined the user.
PENDING : The API is still running.
FAILED : The API failed while running.
REVIEW : The API could not auto-approve the user. Needs manual review.
UNKNOWN : Unknown API result.
FOUND : The lookup completed and found the datapoint in the government database.
NOT_FOUND: The lookup completed but did not find the datapoint in the government database.
api_result_notesA list of notes created by AiPrise from the API.
api_result_status_reasonThe reason for api_result_status.